• Feb. 28, 2017: CIO Tomorrow Scholarship

    CIO Tomorrow, in cooperation with Student Scholarship Partners Lightower, CAS, OCLC and Motorists Insurance Group, will award scholarships to central Ohio students who excel in the fields of computer science and IT.

    The CIO Tomorrow Student Scholarship Application is to be completed by an undergraduate student who is a resident of Ohio, majoring in Information Systems, Computer Science, or other Technology-related fields, is at least a sophomore and has at least one year of study remaining, beyond the current academic year.

    The 2017 CIO Tomorrow Program Scholarship Committee will review all applications and award scholarships based on academic success, involvement in extracurricular activities, and leadership. Two letters of recommendation are required.

    To apply, go to

    Application deadline: Thursday, March 30, 2017

    The scholarship winners will be notified by Thursday April 4th, 2017. The winners will be recognized and awarded their scholarships by Lightower , CAS, OCLC and Motorists Insurance Group at the CIO Tomorrow event held April 11, 2017 at Noon at the Hyatt Regency's Grand Ballroom, downtown Columbus, Ohio. They will have the opportunity to attend this one-day event free of charge.