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New! Manifest is hiring a team of highly motivated Computer Science graduates who are eager to take on new challenges and driven to succeed! Details at "Student Resources -- Jobs". 04/10/2014

The ACM-W scholarships are open to women internationally at all levels of study. Awards are made in 6 funding cycles per year. Details at "Student Resources". 03/25/2014

Scholarship Opportunity for Adult Students in Scholastic Transition. Details at "Student Resources".

If you are a Columbus State student and want to get a bachelor's degree quickly and affordably, the CSCC/Franklin partnership is right for you.

Franklin University is a private, HLC-Accredited, nonprofit institution of higher education investing solely in student success.
Why this matters to you?

I just graduated with a BS in computer science from Franklin... In terms of education Franklin delivers a good one plenty of challenges and plenty of research. Over all, they can deliver.

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  • New Course on Information Analytics Architecture INFA 415

    For the Summer 2014 term, Franklin University is offering, for the first time, a 12-week, hands-on course, INFA 415 - Information Analytics Architecture, in the field of data warehousing from the perspective of building an information database to support organization-critical information analytic modeling - descriptive, predictive and prescriptive. This course is designed to give students a firm grounding in all of those areas of information analytics, using state-of-the-art, industry leading tools from Oracle Corporation.

    Class starts on May 19. If you are interested in taking this course, please contact your student advisor or the department to register.


  • Guest Speaker Matt

    Ever wonder what it means to be a consulting computer scientist for digital forensics? When the evidence and the data are electronic, how do police investigators, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and courts work their way through the data?

    Come to "Putting the Science in Computer Science: Applications from Boardrooms to Courtrooms" by C. Matt Curtin.

    Wednesday, March 26th. Phillips Hall 220 6:00 PM

    Matt, founder of Interhack Corporation, and a senior lecturer at the Ohio State University is one of Columbus' leading experts on digital forensics.


  • Choose Ohio First Scholar Showcase COF Showcase

    You are invited to attend the Annual Choose Ohio First Scholar Showcase on Monday, April 14th. The Showcase is an opportunity for Scholars to give a poster presentation of their work. Any scholar interested in presenting work can have his or her poster printed at Franklin at no cost to the scholar. Further, any scholar desiring advice or guidance on presenting a poster should contact Dr. James Perry ( or Elizabeth McClurg (

    Additionally, scholars are welcome to attend, listen to speakers, and check out the projects fellow scholars are engaged in completing.


  • Franlin Live/Elluminate issue with Java (7U51)

    If you have experienced difficulty launching a Franklin Live! session, the following message from the Help Desk at Franklin University may help you.

    The latest update of Java (7U51) has elevated the security settings which prevents Elluminate live from running. Blackboard is aware of this issue and has released an announcement on their support portal page:

    Also, Help Desk is working towards informing users know about the situation. Until they come up with a solution to fix this issue, please follow these steps as a work around to fixing the problem and to run Elluminate live for now.




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