M.S. Business Analytics Projected Schedule

Last updated: 2020-07-17 15:26:18

CourseSummer 2020Fall 2020Spring 2021Summer 2021 Fall 2021Spring 2022
BUSA 603Q1WWOnline H Online H Online Q Online H Online H
BUSA 604Online E Online E Online E Online E
BUSA 605Online F Online F Online E Online F Online F
BUSA 695Online H Online H Online F Online H Online H
COMP 630Online QTue (Online U); Online QWed 6:00 (Hybrid) U; Online QOnline QWed 6:00 (Hybrid) U; Online QTue 6:00 (Hybrid) U; Online Q
DATA 605Q1WWHybrid U (Mon:6:00) Online U Online Q U1WW
DATA 610Online QOnline U Online U Online Q Online Q Online Q
MATH 215
MATH 601Online QU1WWU1WW and U1FF (Mon 6:00)Online Q U1WW and U1FF