Announcements & Events

  • The 2013 ACM-W meeting schedule will be monthly on Mondays, starting TBD.
  • All regular monthly meetings are held on-campus and online to accommodate the most participation.
  • Regular Chapter meetings last for an hour and begin at TBD.
  • On-campus meetings are held in different rooms each month, so be sure to check this events page for room information.
  • The Online meeting room can be found in FranklinLive.
  • The URL is: "".
  • Passwords are not required and meetings are open to everyone.
  • This page is the best place to obtain chapter event information.
  • If you have any questions relative to events, please contact Trinity Hinton.

  • Date: Location: Event:

    The location for the Online Meeting Room is:
    If the room is not accessible by clicking on the link, copy and paste the URL into your address bar.