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Funded through the State of Ohio and the Department of Higher Education (ODHE), the Choose Ohio First Scholarship (COF) grant is designed to support the next generation of Ohio science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) scholars. The awarded $540,000 grant, in promotion of a five-year COF program provides Franklin the opportunity to expand on its 2019 COF funding, by increasing undergraduate and graduate support.

We are pround that all of our major technology programs are supported by the COF scholarship. For more information and how to apply, go to this page.

Franklin makes a college education more accessible by offering a variety of scholarship opportunities. Visit Franklin’s financial aid page at https://www.franklin.edu/tuition-financial-aid/scholarships to find out what may be available for you. Specifically look for Merit-Based Scholarships & Community Service Scholarships (Undergraduate and Graduate Student Scholarship) and the STEM Scholarship.

The Learning Commons provides free tutoring help online or on campus for the following courses:

  • COMP 101, 111, 121, 281, 311, 501, 511, and 630
  • ITEC 136, WEBD 101, and 236
  • MATH 040, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 210, 215 and 280

You are encouraged to learn more about the free tutoring service, the schedule and make your appointment here.

on the hub logo Azure logo

As Franklin's students and faculty, you may have access to certain software products free of charge through Microsoft and OnTheHub.

A few examples include
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Visual Studio
  • Azure for Students
  • Microsoft Access
  • Visio
  • Microsoft Project
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Norton Security Deluxe

Please read this instruction of Using OnTheHub and Azure Dev Tools for Teaching for Software Installation.

A set of *announce* and *discuss* listservs has been created for each of the major programs.

Faculty use the *announce* listserv to communicate important information relative to the majors (BS and MS respectively). The *announce* listserv postings are sent to all students in the given major. All students in the major are automatically subscribed. We use this list prudently to avoid creating mailbox clutter.

A *discuss* listserv for each of the majors is also available through which we distribute information about such matters as job opportunities, internship opportunities, external scholarships, and items of more general interest (e.g., a talk or presentation that may be of interest to some). The *discuss* listserv is also available for postings from students on topics that may be of interest to others within the major. That is, you may send postings you think are relevant to your fellow majors, and we encourage you to do that.

Membership in the *discuss* listservs is available by subscription. You can subscribe by sending an email to cs-discuss-subscribe@listserv.franklin.edu (or itec-discuss, mis-discuss, or webd-discuss, whichever is relevant) or by visiting http://listserv.franklin.edu/. To log in, enter your Franklin email address and your myFranklin password. Click on the List of Lists tab. Then click on the *discuss* list of interest and the Subscribe button. We hope this list will be a useful resource in both academic- and career-oriented matters, as well as possibly some related recreational areas.

In addition, Computer Science *alumni-announce* and *alumni-discuss* listservs have been created with the intention of encouraging alumni to subscribe and stay in touch with one another and the program faculty. The *discuss* listserv is available on a subscription basis.

If you would like to view the archive of postings for any of these lists, go to http://listserv.franklin.edu/. Click on "list of lists" and then the list of interest. Then click on the "Archive" button for that list. The archived postings are organized by year and month and are accessible by clicking on the month of interest. Please note that the buttons on this page do not work well within the Internet Explorer browser, but they work well in Firefox.

Use of these resources is subject to the Franklin University Student Code of Conduct and Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

The background resource material for students who transfer into the Franklin programming sequence is provided here.

Dr. Kemal Aydin is mentoring the ACM club which is open to all students in the Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Information Systems, Information Technology, and Web Development programs. Students particpate co-curricular activities according to their programs and their interests. Groups in Cybersecurity, Software Engineer, IT Solutions Architect, Data Analytics, Python Coders, and Web Development have been formed.

Extra-curricular Activities