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 How to submit written assignments


  • Assignments are due by the beginning of class on the due date.
  • Assignments in this class are governed by Franklin University submission and return policy, as follows:
    • Assignments must be submitted to the professor on or before the due date indicated in the Course Schedule.
    • Assignments may be accepted late but will receive a grade penalty based on the following chart. No assignments will be accepted once solutions have been distributed to any section of the course.
      Assignment submission date Maximum grade (% of total possible points)
      On time 100%
      Up to 1 week late 75%
      More than 1 week late No credit
    • The professor, at his/her sole discretion, may choose to amend this policy to extend the submission deadline in certain cases to accommodate extenuating circumstances.

    • Homework assignments submitted on time for grading will typically be returned within one week of the due date

    • Projects and lab assignments submitted on time for grading will typically be returned within two weeks of the due date.

    • No assignments will be accepted after the last class date unless other arrangements have been made with the professor.
  • A point of emphasis: if you know that some special circumstance will prevent you from submitting your work on time, talk to the instructor in advance to arrange a customized due date.

Keep in mind

  • Include all of the required elements, no excuses, no exceptions.
  • If you aren't sure about something, explain what you're confused about. You can get partial credit for that. You can't get any credit for something that isn't there.
  • People have short attention spans, especially professors (we earned the label "absent-minded").
    • Be clear
    • Get to the point quickly
    • Leave out unimportant detail
    • Eliminate repetition
  • To say roughly the same thing another way: I really like clear, to-the-point writing, and I have limited patience with confusing things.
  • Do not expect that there will be a single "right" answer to any assignment. This is graduate school, after all.
  • If you quote anything, be sure to give credit to your sources. I prefer APA style, but I do not require it. Any style that clearly identifies the source of the quote is acceptable.
  • After reading the description of a assignment, if you're confused about anything, contact me with your questions. There's no benefit in guessing - ask.
  • Each assignment will have a main turnitin assignment and revision assignment. Turnitin insists on naming each revision assignment "Revision 1". If you submit a revision, turnitin will not complain about matches between your revision and your original. However, you may get lots of bogus complaints if you use the wrong assignment names. Please be sure to check the assignment numbers in the assignment writeup before submitting to turnitin.
  • Within a few minutes after you submit an assignment to turnitin, your originality report will be available. Check it. Revise or add reference information if turnitin reports non-trivial matches between your text and someone else's.
  • You can submit revised versions of your work to the regular assignment, as often as necessary, until the due date. Use the revision assignment after the due date.
  • If you submit a revision, I will use it and ignore any previous version(s).
  • Be sure to contact me if you do not want me to use a revision.
  • Written work by a team:
    • Should show the names of all team members.
    • Only one paper copy is needed, of course.
    • Only one member of the team should to submit an electronic version to Turnitin. It does not matter which team member submits your work to Turnitin, and it does not have to be the same person for each assignment.
    • However, if you submit a revision to Turnitin, be sure that the same person who submitted the original also submits the revision (otherwise, Turnitin will report a lot of bogus duplication)
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